Sunday, December 20, 2009


Study in Silence.

I have two kids and an insatiable desire to score the best I possibly can on the GMAT.

At the start, and after about 13 years aways from anything academic, I basically just jumped into the first few 'study for the GMAT' books I deemed acceptable. I made a lot of progress in a short period of time too, and I did this amidst the noise and mayhem inherent with a 4 and 5-year old owning my home.

This progress I will attribute to two things: 1. I dedicated my self to a two week binge into all things GMAT, and 2. Over a decade away from the classroom meant alot of stuff I simply forgot about came flooding back into my head. I equate the second facet to an intellectual dusting.

Anyway, I'm getting at this.

Now that all the things I knew are solidly planted back in my active mind, I am now jostling with the topics I am going to have to learn to score where I need to on the GMAT. Though I was able to easily recall what I already knew amidst the aforementioned noise and confusion of children, the same wil not prove true in the coming month as I forge ahead.

My advice is this. Do not even bother trying to study unless you have a suitable place to do so.

Child abuse is illegal, and the frustration I often feel as I struggle to absorb something important is not fair to them or myself. I'm not in this to create childhood memories for my kids where they remember daddy sitting in the easy chair, bitching and screaming about inconsequential behavior. I'm better than that, so I stopped it.

I did this by creating space for my efforts to improve my GMAT score. Make the time to study in silence.

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